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Timeline of Events - the first nineteen years



April 30 

The Second-Wind Ensemble begins as the Late Starters Band under the musical direction of Bob Hower who, at the time, was the Director of the Elder Conservatorium Wind Ensemble.


Bob Hower steps down as Musical Director and Darryl Pope takes on the role.


The band's first concert for family and friends at Wilderness school.




First newsletter instigated by Muriel Cubley. Muriel also establishes a membership database.


An informal committee is established from volunteers Ursula Dorocki, Rhonda Kelly, Peter Briggs, Christine Dixon, Geoff Edwards, Muriel Cubley and Darryl Pope.

July 1

First of the 'first Thursday of the month' after practice coffee meets - at the Left Bank

July 17

The band's first public performance at the Portside Recreation Centre.


The band members agree on a name change to the 'Second-Wind Ensemble' and Muriel names the  newsletter the 'Windbag'.

December 2

End of year concert held at the German Club.



April 13 

Band's first General Meeting is held to establish a formal committee structure and to vote on proceeding with incorporation. This is the culmination of much planning and preparatory work over a number of months done by Jim Wishart and Hugh Nield
Chris Bailey is elected as President, Jose Vermeulen as Treasurer and Muriel Cubley as Secretary. Other committee members elected - Ursula Dorocki, Ann Lloyd, Jim Wishart and Geoff Edwards.



July 26

After 21/2 years of keeping communication in the band going through the 'Windbag' that she started, Muriel Cubley passes the task over to Myra Stacey.


The band receives a music grant from the Premier's Fund.
Closing of Flinders St School of Music, the band's 'home' since its inception.




   Practice venue moved to Pulteney Grammar School.


The band uses music grant to purchase a baritone saxophone.

August 14

Band performs at the Adelaide Town Hall as part of the Musicorp Band and Orchestra Festival.


A website for the band is established through MusicEdnet.

November 3

First country performance - at the Pt Broughton Town Hall.


The Premier, Mike Rann, becomes the band's Patron.




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Photo Gallery


First Public Performance:   Basketball final, Portside Recreation Centre 1999


First 'Big Stage' performance:   Adelaide Town Hall 2002


Performance with Largest Audience:    City to Bay Fun Run (this photo 2006)


Most Southerly Performance:   Yankalilla 2007



The closest thing to a Royal Command Performance:    Government House Gardens (this photo 2007)


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