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Mitcham Band Festival
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955am Saturday 24 June 2017

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The Second-Wind Ensemble is unique in that it originated as a band begun specifically for beginners who were late starters to music.

 When it began most members were taking up an instrument for the first time. The name of the band arose from this rejuvenating lifestyle change.

The name also reflects the fact that the band is made up almost entirely of wind instruments.

The Second-Wind Ensemble performing at the Strathalbyn Band Festival August 2010


The History page contains more details on the band's origins and brief history.
The Second-Wind Ensemble consists of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments.

We have an active membership of 48 and at regular practice numbers are around 35. 

The Music page contains a more detailed breakdown of the concert band structure.



The band, trying to look and sound professional on the big stage - Adelaide Town Hall Aug 14 2002




The main aim of the band is to meet a need among adults who have an interest in music but who have not had the chance to develop it. 

We also like to support various community groups and organisations through our playing.

New Members Welcome

Perhaps you were one of those people who gave up playing at school but now feel you are ready to dust off the old instrument and have another go. Perhaps you are reasonably proficient at music but would like to play

with a group of people who consider that enjoying each other's company is as important as improving your music.

We are tolerant of each other's mistakes, supportive of each other's progress and, while eager to further develop our musical skills, we also like to enjoy ourselves.  See Contacts



The band now meets on Thursday nights in the Music Suite at  Pembroke School on Norwood Parade. Visitors are always welcome to attend. Practices are from 7pm to 9pm. Directions as follows-

              If using a UBD map, location is Map 119 K9. When approaching from the City, it is approx. 0.8km past Portrush Rd.

The music suite is located at the end of a large driveway and parking area found on the eastern or Adelaide Hills side of the school. It is at the back of the grandstand on the Kensington Oval


Most recent information update January 2017

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